Van Dyke Tosh goes to the same school as the brothers, and has been on several dates with Stella, much to the dislike of Joe. He is not very bright at times, and is a jock. He and Macy appear to have a rivalry going on when they play against each other in sports.


Stella Malone Edit

Van Dyke and Stella have gone out on several dates together, and appear to like each other. In Fashion Victim, she goes on a date to the movies with him instead of helping Joe with his Math homework. In The Three Musketeers, Van Dyke takes over Joe's role in the school play, which means he has to kiss Stella, until Joe swings out onto the stage to hit Van Dyke. When he and Stella plan to go on a date in the episode Double Date, Joe interferes again, asking Macy out to make it a double date.

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