"Macy guess what?"

Macy: "What?"

Stella: "I love you! (hugs her)"

- An exchange between Stella and Macy in Detention.

Macy and Stella is the friendship of Macy Misa and Stella Malone. They are best friends.

Friendship MomentsEdit

Wrong SongEdit

  • Macy helps Stella test her Stellcro.

Keeping it RealEdit

  • Stella gets traped inside Macy's mom's store.

Band's Best FriendEdit

  • Stella gave Macy $50.
  • Macy spent the money on a chip that looks exactly like Joe (Stella's occasional love intrest).
  • Macy and Stella were ina fight the entire episoe until the end.
  • Stella got a dip for Macy that looked exactly like Nick (Macy's occasional love intrest).

Chasing the DreamEdit

  • Stella knew Macy couldn't sing but didn't tell here because she didn't want to hurt Macy's feelings.

That Ding You DoEdit

  • Macy and Stella bet on who can go without doing there obbsessions longer (Stella can't text Macy can't say Jonas).