Jonas Coverart
The JONAS DS video game was released on November 10, 2009 in North America, published by Disney Interactive Studios, and developed by Altron.

Aim of the GameEdit

The aim of the game is to play through the episodes Keeping it Real, Groovy Movies, The Three Musketeers, Home Not Alone, The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse, and Band's Best Friend. Throughout the game, you have to keep your power bar filled, to perform rifts, which cause different actions to take place;

  • Amped: Gives other characters a boost of energy, and activates objects.
  • Reverb: Causes machines to run backwards
  • Distortion: Causes Kevin to change the appearance of an object.
  • Cover: Makes Kevin invisible to fans.
  • Power Slide: Enables Joe to slide through hazards unharmed, and under low ledges.
  • Ballad: Enables Joe to escape from fans by making them starstruck.
  • Power Chord: Allows Nick to jump extra high.
  • Jonas: Allows Nick to do things all at once.

At the end of each episode, you are presented with a song to perform using the stylus.

Episode Song
Keeping It Real Keeping It Real
Groovy Movies Why
Three Musketeers We Got To Work It Out
Home Not Alone Love Sick
Haunted Firehouse Time Is On Our Side
Band's Best Friend Live To Party

If you are attacked by fans, they will tear at your clothes, and if your clothes take too much wear and tear, you must return home to repair them in the Stellavator.