Joe: "Nick where's your spirit? Wait girls, surrender to the Mantis someting something something!"

Horace Mantis Academy is the school of the Lucas Brothers, Stella and Macy that takes place in New Jersey. It has colorful lockers and an elevator. It is a private school, and uniforms are required, but they can wear their uniform the way they want to wear it.

Known StudentsEdit

  • Stella Malone
  • Macy Misa
  • Van Dyke Tosh
  • Penny: A girl Nick was infatuated with, and wrote a song for. However, she thought he wrote the song for her to sing, and sung it to her boyfriend.
  • Randolph: A boy who asks Macy out, and whom dumps her after she tries to turn him into Nick.
  • Amy: A girl who asked Nick out in an elevator, and was rejected by him several times. He asks her out, and she says no.
  • Angelina: A celloist on the school's orchestra, who Joe develops a crush on.
  • Abby: A classmate of Joe's, who gets in trouble when Joe pulls the fire alarm by accident.

Known FacultyEdit


The Horace Mantis uniform for the boys features a blazer of the school's logo, light colored trousers, and sometimes a shirt and tie. The girls uniform is generally a plaid skirt, a white shirt, and a tie. However, as Stella customizes both her own uniform and those of the brother's, it appears that the school's dress code can occasionally be flaunted.