Kevin's old girlfriend, Anya has joined their school, but the kids in the school make fun of her because they find her eccentric. Meanwhile, Joe, Nick and Macy try to track down an undercover paparazzi.


Kevin gets a text from his Scandinavian friend Anya who says she's coming to their school. Kevin is excited because they both really liked each other. When Anya arrives, she explains that people think she's different. Classmates laugh when they see Kevin and Anya dancing together in the atrium. Meanwhile, Nick, Macy, and Joe try to figure out who's posting bad pictures of the boys on Macy's website. Joe is obsessed with his 'cool' sunglasses. Anya asks Kevin to go to the dance with him. He tells his brothers that she's the only one who really gets him. At the dance, more people laugh at Anya's strange customs. Nick, Macy, and Joe are still trying to find the person who posted the pictures. They discover that the pictures were taken inside the firehouse. Meanwhile, Kevin and Anya dance, but Anya gets upset because of the people laughing at them. She breaks up with Kevin because of them. Stella finds her hiding under a table. She helps Anya become more American so she can be with Kevin. At the same time, Kevin decides to remind Anya of home so she won't leave. Macy doesn't know how to use her new phone, and finds out that it's uploading pictures onto her site by itself. Anya learns how to be an American, while Kevin learns more about Scandinavia. Kevin is surprised when he sees the new Anya. He liked the old her better. Kevin gets over Anya, and soon falls for Stella's French friend Samantha. Nick and Joe realize that Macy is the undercover paparazzi, but they forgive her because she didn't know how to use her phone. Nick smashes Joe's sunglasses, then puts on his own and walks away.


  • The screaming, one-liners and the sunglasses are references to TV show, CSI Miami.
  • This episode and the next one are included as Bonus Episodes in JONAS: Rockin' The House.
  • The song in this episode is "Scandinavia", the first Jonas Brothers song with Kevin on lead vocals.



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International AirdatesEdit

Country/Region First Shown
United States December 6, 2009
United Kingdom July 13, 2010