When Kevin lets Macy be a backup singer on the next JONAS album, her voice turns out to be terrible, putting Kevin in an awkward situation.


Kevin can't tell the truth to people if it will hurt their feelings. When he lies, his voice gets high. He tells Stella that her sweater is beautiful even when Joe and Nick tell her it's hideous. When the bands' back-up singer cant record, Kevin tells Macy that she can do it. Stella finds out, and tells the boys that Macy is a horrible singer. "One time during a softball game, she was singing 'Take Me Out To The Ball Game', and they called animal control because they thought there was an injured manatee on the field. A MANATEE!" Kevin can't find it in himself to tell Macy she can't sing back-up, so Nick hatches a plan. They let her record, but they don't use her voice. At the firehouse, Macy is recording when Malcom Meckle, the president of the record company, shows up. The boys tell Malcom their plan, unaware that Macy is standing behind them. She runs away crying. Nick, Joe, and Kevin feel horrible, and Stella tries to help by talking to Macy. Kevin refuses and decides to talk to Macy himself. He apologizes, and Macy immediately feels better because a JONAS is sorry for her. She decides not to stop singing just because she's bad at it.


  • It was revealed that Macy can't sing.
  • This was the first and only appearance of Malcom Meckle.
  • This was the second appearance of Frankie Lucas.



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International AirdatesEdit

Country/Region First Shown
United States June 14, 2009
United Kingdom March 15, 2010