The Lucas' childhood friend Carl comes to visit them, but manipulates their popularity for his own gain. Meanwhile, Stella is furious with Macy for using the money she lent her to buy a collector potato chip that has a resemblance to Joe.


Joe invites Carl "The Shoe" Schuster to visit, an old friend from before JONAS was famous. Only when he gets to the firehouse, he acts way different than they remember. Because he thinks they can do anything because their famous. So, the Brothers decide to be the most obnoxious Rock stars ever to bug Shoe. After the Brothers' last attempt to bug him, he realizes they are just regular guys. He leaves a note telling them that the people at his school don't even believe that he knows them. The brothers feeling bad throw a party for him and invite all the people from Carl's school.

Meanwhile Macy and Stella argue about Macy borrowing money from Stella to buy JONAS Stuff. In the end Stella realizes that she buys junk, too, and forgives Macy by buying back her JOETATO chip and a dip that has Nick`s face in it. Kevin walks by and ruins both by eating the chip and messing up the face and Stella argues with Macy.


  • The song featured in this episode is "We Got To Work It Out".
  • This episode can be played through on the Jonas DS Game.
    • In the game version, the "Fourth Jonas" is not Carl Schuster but instead Chester Nutter.




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International AirdatesEdit

Country/Region First Shown
United States June 7, 2009
United Kingdom September 25, 2009