Vanessa arranges a double date with Stella and Ben with her and Joe to have a world famous sushi chef come and cook for them, but things become awkward when occurring events lead to Ben and Vanessa both finding out that Joe and Stella still have feelings for each other. Macy asks to go play golf with Kevin and Nick, and Nick relents due to her 'adorableness'. Macy starts out not being very good, leading her to make a bet with them, if Macy beats them, she and Stella get the house for a week while the boys stay in the guest house, and if Nick and/or Kevin win, Macy has to do their laundry. Macy turns out to be really good (she comes from a big golf family) and wins the bet. Ben ends up breaking up with Stella when he sees them together. Vanessa tries to comfort Stella, leading her to find out that Joe and Stella had a thing in the past. She acts completely fine with it when Joe is around, but later, when Joe is not there, she expresses her anger toward Stella, and things between Stella and Vanessa go downhill, but only when Joe is not around. Nick is seen calling Macy "sweetie" and really likes her and she uses her "adorableness" charm to get what she wants.


  • This was Ben's last appearance on the show.
  • Stella and Ben break up.




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International AirdatesEdit

Country/Region First Shown
United States August 8, 2010
United Kingdom August 15, 2010 UK